The start of GTR News
Written by Admin on Nov 7
Hello! Welcome to the start of the GTR News web site.
We aim to provide news that's debatably better than other news sites, not guaranteed.
Every Friday we'll have a paper out with articles written by me and submitted by you.
Okay, that's it.

State Finals
Written on Nov 8
there once was a man from godwin
who weebed out so hard he was sobbin
he forgot the mac
he will not come back
because everyone to him is mockin

I stole this from Wikipedia
Submitted by Angry birds fan 9 on Nov 9
Super Why! is a CGI-animated superhero preschool television series created by Angela C. Santomero for PBS Kids. The series was produced by New York City-based Out of the Blue Enterprises in association with Decode Enterprises for the first season and DHX Distribution for the second and third seasons. Animation was by Toronto-based C.O.R.E. Toons (season 1), Gallus Entertainment (season 2) and DHX Media (originally through its Decode Entertainment division for season 3).

The show was originally created as a stop motion pilot episode in 1999 by Cuppa Coffee Animation that was pitched to Nickelodeon/Nick Jr. It was later featured at the 2000 Annecy Film Festival. Nickelodeon ultimately opted not to pick up the show. Instead, PBS Kids further developed the series with funds from the United States Department of Education's Ready to Learn grant and aired the premiere episode on September 3, 2007. The original run ended on May 12, 2016 with a total of 103 episodes across three seasons.

Submitted by Terence on Nov 9
In an exciting turn of events Hartord has won MCBA state championships. With a rocky start at the kent city invitational no one could have seen this coming. Hartford had an embarrassing performance and acquired the title of last place:(
With a performance like that many would expect the band to drop out of MCBA, but hartford managed to push through this embarrassing defeat and come back stronger, wining MCBA state championships.

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Actual Headlines
Some headlines taken from Morning Brew.
Here are some real headlines from this week:*

The Israel–Hamas attack on Gaza is still ongoing.
The Supreme Court is likely to rule that domestic abusers shouldn’t have guns.
Shein wants to be valued at $90 billion.
Youtube is continuing their attack on adblockers.
Tuesday was Election Day in America.
Epic is suing Google.
X (formerly Twitter) will start charging users $1 per year starting next year.
Also with X - they're connecting the platform to Musk's new snarky chatbot, Grok.
NFTs are completely worthless now.
The PS5 Slim releases this Friday.
GTA VI's trailer releases at the beginning of December.
The actors strike is over.

*Some information may be incorrect.

Image Submissions
Here are the submissions we've recieved, their captions, and my comments.

SATAN CURSING OUR CHILDREN, submitted by Izzy :)
Completely true. If you fall in love with the devil, you too will become pregnant.

The Funny
Feat. Garfield, Calvin and Hobbes, Heart of the City

Questions and Answers
Written by Dr. Robotnik
This column will answer anything you ask.

Anonymous asks:
"I can't find my glasses. Please help me, loyal newspaperist."
R: Have you tried looking for them with your eyes?? Too WOKE for me.

Anonymous2 asks:
"Could you survive 10 minutes in a WOKE bathroom?"
R:I could NEVER. Too WOKE FOR ME!!!!